• Coarse Washed Sand – used in producing concrete, blacktop, sand bed filter systems and installation of pavers.
  • Fine Mason Sand – used for mixing of mortar to lay blocks and bricks, playgrounds, swimming pool installations, top dressing of golf courses and volleyball courts.
  • Washed Stone – used in landscaping, drainage systems, under concrete floors, backfill material, driveways and dog kennels. Washed stone available in several sizes.
  • Topsoil – screened, dry topsoil used in lawns, gardens and planting shrubbery (D.O.T. approved.)
  • Crushed Stone – used for driveways, drainage, concrete mixes and backfill.

Natural Landscaping Stone


We specialize in landscaping stone in a variety of coloration, texture and sizes, sold in bulk, ready for pickup or delivery. Add the perfect touch to your landscape design.

Adirondack Boulders


Large Assortment of Accent Boulders

Boulders are a natural phenomenon in New York State, gifted from the Ice Age. We have a large assortment to choose from for that rustic natural accent to your landscape design. Many are from the Tug Hill area, others from the Adirondack park area, each unique.

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